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I have only been a part of a daily blogging challenge since the beginning of August 2017, but already I see great value and results in my life from participating.

1.) The daily deadline has pushed me to the edges of my creative flow and formed it into a consistently achievable and sustainable state of being.

2.) It has allowed me to form real value from the fringe thoughts that have floated around my mind for some time now.

3.) It has shown me that I can make time for creating content even at the busiest time of my year.

4.) It has generated ideas for curriculum, exercises and coaching techniques that are exciting and fun.

5.) it has gained me the attention of potential clients who formally we’re on aware of my skill set and offerings.

After speaking with Jason Montoya this morning, I’ve decided to challenge a few friends, and a hoard of acquaintances and strangers to blog along with me every weekday for the month of September.

My goal for this would be to directly affect and accelerate the personal development and growth of my colleagues by prompting them with specific thought-provoking questions. By generating content in blog form and posting it on a daily basis we would not only be able to speak into the minds of others on that topic but also clarify for ourselves what we think, feel, and believe about that step in our personal journey.

The challenge will be specifically to write 400 or more words every weekday on a specified topic. Each participant would post this entry on their personal blog, business blog, or We would all link back to a Facebook page so that everyone can cross reference and read about the successes and learning moments of others on that same topic.

I will be developing the list of prompts over the next few days but if you would like to jump on board this challenge sight unseen just post a comment down below or email me at

If you would like to be a part of creating the prompt list for the blog entries let me know that as well.

I look forward to blogging with you!

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