Working when sick


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I woke up yesterday morning having had a terrible allergic reaction to something. My body was swollen and achy and there were itchy red patches from top to bottom. I would have been able to tough it out and work through it if it had not been for the terrible brain fog that settled over me. For every 30 seconds of clarity, I would be trapped under ten minutes of fogginess. Sitting at my computer to type I would get about one sentence in and then… fog. To make the fog worse, I had to take Benadryl to take down the swelling, which created a special new mutant monster fog.

So there I am, a daily blog post to write, a new curriculum to build, a talk to flesh out and a fog-brain to work with. Creativity and words eeked out of me in tiny bursts. I captured what I could, followed by rest, then another moment of clarity, a few more lines, more rest. Fighting through it I completed about a third of the work that really needed finishing and I just have to be ok with that.

So this leads me to a new decision. Writing every day is still how I need to work, but I need to get five to seven blog posts ahead for exactly this sort of situation. It isn’t a choice anymore. If I am going to be a daily blogger, I can’t lose my writing streak and publishing promise just because I get sick.

What about you? How do you keep up with creative work when you are sick?