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For this week’s Sunday Improv Experiment I will be taking sets of three random words from, saying what it makes me think of, and then writing a bit of the story behind it.

I will state word 1 + word 2 + word 3 from the generator and then = my first thought.

Wish me luck!

monkey + vitamins + decorator = the statue of willie b at the atlanta zoo
When I was a kid, my parents would take me to the zoo. At the time, the most captivating part of the trip was always getting to see Willie B, the Silverback Gorilla. The first time I saw him he was in a cage with only a television and a tire swing. The next time I clearly remember visiting him, he was out in an open exhibit outdoors. I remember thinking how much happier he must be now and why on earth they thought a TV and a tire swing were what a gorilla would want 24 hours a day. The last time I saw Willie B he was a statue as the real Willie B died in the year 2000 at the age of 41. More about Willie B here.

knife + teacher + barber = watching sweeny todd for the first time
When I first started studying theatre in high school, I got very confused between the play The Barber of Seville and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street  by Sondheim. In my mind they were combined into one story. Now keep in mind I didn’t have an internet to go and check and listening to Sweeney Todd songs, while we read excerpts from The Barber of Seville, only perpetuated the problem. I am fairly certain that my drama teacher could have corrected this any time she wished, but far too entertained by my juxtaposition. It wasn’t until college, when I saw a recording of Sweeney Todd all the way through that this was all cleared up but by then I am sure there were countless confused drama majors that were very frustrated with my explanation.

nun + ipad + beast = sally field as the flying nun
I watched Sally Field religiously when I was a kid, both in her role as Gidget and as the Flying Nun. I am hearing from parents and teachers that of a lot of children nowadays that only want to immerse themselves in their tablet computers.  It makes me wonder if they would be enchanted by a flying nun? I mean, I remember waiting and waiting in the show until she would finally have a reason to fly, and then… liftoff! Later in life, I saw Sally Field in the movie Punchline with Tom Hanks. She was amazing. Sally Field is a beast.

Oh dear. I seem to have gotten addicted to the generator. Here’s what just came out of my brain.

herb + ladder + genius = my relatives growing pot in my grandfather’s amongst the tomato plants.

backpack + tail + wood = my father being sprayed by a skunk on a backpacking trip and thinking everything smelled like skunk for two weeks after.

park + tax + apple pie = as american as apple pie, taxes, and south park. 

toy + submarine + coat = the book tintin and red rackham’s treasure had tintin wear a coat and pilot in a submarine shaped like a shark.

sunburn + fireman + fact = extreme exposure can cause third degree sunburns similar to those suffered in a house fire. fact.

bandit + luggage + junk = stagecoach robbers in 1883 must have hit bust on some of their hijackings, disappointed in the quality of their stolen goods.

Happy Sunday everyone!

 Photo by Willard