Shadows, Robots, and The Tick!


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This will be my 50th daily post. I have been doing this long enough now that I have started to really think about TYPES of posts and what form they do and should take.

A new idea I had for a post type. Things You May Not Know

Some days when I sit down to write, I don’t have one clear singular point of focus to write about. In the past, I have noted where my headspace is, and then put in a bullet list of thoughts that are running around in my head. Today I realized that I personally find value in these bullet lists, even if I have no idea if there are others who find similar value.

Things You May Not Know

  1. When I write blog posts, and I am really tired, they are terrible.
  2. Getting something done every day when you don’t feel like it, and you don’t feel inspired, and you don’t have time, feels amazing.
  3. I have rose bushes in my newly acquired yard that were not cut back properly so now some of the branches are ten feet tall with a single rose jutting out the top.
  4. My son loves shadows and looks for them everywhere. His favorite shadow is mine where he can disappear inside and then pop out Peter Pan style.
  5. My five-year-old son loves riding the bus and I love watching him get on the bus. I also love watching him get off the bus. I think I’m winning.
  6. Humans are better than robots: My wife wanted a book that was $9.99 on Kindle and she didn’t want to pay that much for it. The library didn’t have it in physical form, so I emailed our local used bookstore owner named Alan and he had it in hand in 60 seconds. Picked it up an hour later and she is reading it right now. Beat that Amazon.
  7. Grammarly thinks that #3 in this list should be “risen bushes”, not “rose bushes.”
  8. There is a new “The Tick” TV show and it stars Peter Serafinowicz! 

Pleasure doing business with you.